Street Lighting,, Road way Light s, Tunnel Lighting, Parking Lighting, MR16 LED, LED ecological Lighting Retrofit to MR16 LED based products (B22, GU10) high power LED Light Bulbs clear bright and white light., Led Spot lights, 3 1w MR16 high power led lamp, 1, 3 and 5 watt LED Luxeon Bulbs, gu10 bulbs, e27 bulbs
Have you checked the IQ of your Lighting systems?


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Significant Operational Savings: Energy & Maintenance – Your next schedule maintenance in 7 years!

IQLED Unique Integrated Lens and Lampshade Design. The lens have both light focus and protection LED protection function, avoid the brightness wastage, let the product looks more concise beauty High IQ Design.

Environmental Impact – Low Heat – NO UV - Eliminate Hazardous Disposal - RoHS

Applications: Green Buildings, Airports, Hospitals, Street Lighting, Tunnel Lighting, Parking Garage, etc.

1. With proprietary optical technology, high beam pattern definition and brightness uniformity. The Unique Integrated Lens and Lampshade Design. The lens have both light focus and protection LED protection function, avoid the brightness wastage, let the product looks more concise beauty.

2. Creative High Power LED Planar Combine Packaging, Radiator and Lamp holder Integration. Fully protect LED life and heat dissipation requirements, satisfied with the structure and design of LED Lights fundamentally, which the most distinctive features of LED Lights.

3. IQLED IQ Green Ready Energy Saving: Tremendous Energy Saving - Used the ultra high power, high brightness LED light source, together with the high power efficiency power supply, which can save energy 50%-80% than the conventional sodium and mercury lamps.

4. Long Life: Up to 50,000 Hours, 50 times than the conventional tungsten wire lamp: Used highly reliable, advanced LED packaging technology - Eutectic Welding, fully guaranteed the LED long. (Working for 10 hours a day, can be used for more than 13 years), is 5-10 times working life than a traditional sodium or mercury lamp.

5. No Strobe Flashing: Working under DC, eliminate the tireless which caused by the traditional strobe flashing.

6. Green and Environmental Protection: no lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution. Reduced Line Loss, No Pollution to Power Network: Power factor ≥0.9, THD≤20%, EMI apply with the global universal index, reduce the power loss and transmission lines to avoid contamination of the network of high frequency interference.

7. Impact Resistance: Shock-proof, Without Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Radiation: No filament and glass frames, avoid break of the traditional lamp, without harm to the human body.

8. Adopting the PWM constant-current technology, with high efficiency, low heat and high precision constant current.

9. Global Wide Working Voltage, with constant-current under 85-264VAC entire voltage range, the brightness and lifetime will be not influenced the voltage fluctuations Certifications: CE, RoHS, UL.

10. Multiple Color Temperature Options - Color temperature to meet the needs of different occasions, eliminated the low color temperature of the sodium lamp which cause the hypnotic mood and high color temperature of the mercury lamp which cause the depressed mood, observers will feel more comfortable. High brightness efficiency, up to 80lm/w, various color temperature optional, High Color Index, Nice Coloration.

SP90, 28w, 2,100lm, High Power LED Streetlight Source

IQ Solar LED Street Lighting
Self Contained
Easy Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.
Eco Friendly
No electricity required!
***Withstand 160 MPH winds special order

Your next scheduled maintenance will be in 5 to 7 years!

Complete turn key Systems Solutions for Solar LED Lighting

-Made in USA products proudly meet the Buy American Act.

-Illumination Engineering Society (IES) lighting products follow guidelines set out by the IES, the recognized technical authority on illumination.

-International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) product lines offer dark-sky friendly fixtures, helping to preserve and protect the nighttime environment through responsible outdoor lighting.

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a proud member of the USGBC, an organization dedicated to sustainable building design and construction as well as the developers of the LEED building rating system.

All components needed for installation are included (except for the mounting pole optional). The systems are designed for installation onto a wood, concrete, or metal mounting pole. You may choose to use your own pole or we can quote the poles separately from the lighting system itself.

These units can be used for: Area lighting, School security, Billboards lighting, Dock lights, Park lighting, Parking lot lighting, Parkway lighting, walkway lighting, Street lighting, Transit Lighting, Outdoor area lighting, Security Lighting

-Complete turn key Systems Solutions for Solar LED Lighting
-Hurricane Proof LED Solar Lighting - Seismic Restraint Solar LED


- Esay installation
- No Wiring required. Installing and moving is easy
- No more waiting for the utility company!
- Proven technology.
- Vandal and theft-resistant components and hardware.
- All parts are corrosion resistant.
- Low installation cost.
- Easily and quickly deployed in almost any location.
- NO wiring run from the grid
- NO cuts through existing roads, sidewalks or landscaping.
- NO Maintenance
- NO Utility bill
- Maintenance Free Batteries!
- Big Credits and Savings form State and Federal Taxes.
- Component lifetime of 25 years
- Two-year full system warranty

SYSTEM OPERATION: The system converts the suns energy into electricity and stores it to provide up to twelve hours of light plus three days worth of backup energy.

Activation Switch On/Off: A microprocessor automates the functions of the system automatically activates form sunset to sunrise; has a timer, regulating the hours the light stays on; also regulates the battery, preventing overcharging and protecting against discharging. optional wireless on/off

Fixture Dimension: H 8 Meter approx.

Solar Cell type: Mono or Polycrystalline

Battery Type: Gel Deep Cycle, Valve-Regulated, Gelled-Electrolyte heavy duty Battery.

Reserve: 3 Days under Cloudy conditions

Light Source Type: IQLED High Power LED.

Operating time while fully charged: 8-10 hours per day x 2-5 continuous rainy days Daily For extended run times use we suggest adding Item# 160799

Extend your operating time: dusk to down (14-17 hours) you may have to add plug-in depending on your zone. Item# 160799

Daily Radiation Zone: Designed for Zone with 4-5 Hours of daily Insulation.

Temperature of work environment: Optimal Ambient -20 to +25 C (-4 to 77 F)

Maximum Ambient Temperature -40 to +80 C (-40 to 176 F) fluorescent fixtures in areas that experience temperatures of 5 F (-15C) or below is not recommended. USE LED fixtures

Installation recommendation: 85 Feet (25 Meter) distance for each Lamp

System includes:
-Solar Panel.
-Structure for solar panel Pole mount Adjustable 0-90 horizontal and 360 about pole.
-Entire pole-mounted system is designed to withstand 90 MPH wind loads with 1.3 gust factor.
-Microprocessor controlled Charge controller and Timer.
-Batteries: Long-Life - Deep-Cycle - Maintenance-Free.
-Detailed instruction manuals included in every system.
-Packaging information: Pallet - Brown Box (Individual Packing for each part)
-Virtually Maintenance-Free Design.
-Vandal and Theft Resistant Components and Hardware.
-Expand your system: We have included components that allow for easy plug and play expansion units.
-Pole Not Included sold separately Pole - Space and Optics
-Arm Not Included sold separatly
-(Optional) Unbreakable Solar Modules
-(Optional) Wireless Remote Control Activation.

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